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I authorize my child to take part in the International Basketball and Minibasketball Camp IBERSPORTS Soria, subjet to the GENERAL CONDITIONS set forth herein.

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Campus places of International Basketball and Minibasket Camp IBERSPORTS (CIMBI)  are limited and will be allocated in strict order of receipt of registration.
The completion of CIMBI is subject to be covered at least 50 seats, otherwise it will return the full amount of the amount paid.
If you have to cancel your camp session, which must be communicated in writing, it will be refunded 75% of the amount paid, provided that the communication is made before May 1,  and 50% if the waiver is communicated before June 1, no refunds after this date.
The CAMPER agrees to follow the instructions of the camp persons in charge.
I grant full permission for IBERSPORTS to record participation in this activity for photos, motion pictures, TV, radio, recording and other media known or unknown and to use them, no matter by who taken, in any manner for publicity, promotions, advertising, trade or commercial purposes without any reimbursement of any kind due to me or my family, or the need to pay me any fee.

I give permission for my child to participate in all activities involved with this program, and hereby release IBERSPORTS and CIMBI Soria, its facilities, staff, and proprietors from any liability or responsibility from any injury or illness that may occur during participation. I am aware of the inherent risks involved with the physical nature of this program, and hereby attest that my child has been deemed by a physician to be in suitable physical and medical condition for participation in rigorous physical activity. If my child should require medical treatment or care, I authorize CIMBI Soria and its representatives to seek appropriate medical treatment or care for my child on my behalf.

The parent or guardian certifies that he/she has read, understood and accept the General Conditions.