The participants in CIMBI, older than 12, will have the opportunity of opting for the SHOOTING CAMP, where they will carry out specific work dedicated to the improvement of what quite possibly is the most important basic skill in basketball, SHOOTING.

The objective of SHOOTING CAMP is the improvement of the fundamentals of shooting through the learning of the necessary techniques for their correct execution. We try that the player gains the knowledge of the correct mechanics of shooting and the details that allow them to increase their certainty with each shot.

The participants in SHOOTING CAMP will be managed by trainers with extensive experience, experts in the teaching of shooting technique. They will also have activity development with the best shooting machines on the market.


-Specific shooting campus where every player will have personalised attention, along with specific individualised sessions.

-An initial evaluation will be carried out for each player to find out the aspects they need to improve.

-We will be working individually with each player to fully comprehend correct throwing mechanics. As previously stated, the participants will have at their disposal, to achieve this, the best shooting machines on the market.

-Every player will receive a complete report containing the work they have accomplished during the SHOOTING CAMP. This will contain an evaluation of the shooting and their general progression during the camp. In addition to this, work or practice guidelines will be given to each player so that he or she can continue improving after the camp.