Work method

What will practice be like?

Homogeneous groups will be formed by age and ability, so they are more efficient. The objective is to always improve each participant’s abilities in the game of basketball. There will be 10 kids in each group. They will always be monitored by a coach, who is in charge of supervising the different drills and each player’s evolution. CIMBI provide campers the best basketball training equipment.

The work will always be progressive - the exercises will become harder, more complex and the intensity will also increase. We follow the evolving teaching methods - from simple to more complex tasks - in order to obtain continuous learning. The practices are varied but repetitive to master the different basketball fundamentals and to be able to do them in a natural way.

Everyday there will be a practice in which a specific fundamental is worked on. This specific fundamental will be the star ability of the day, and every camper will do it. The rest of the days training sessions will be divided into rotating stages, where campers work a series of skills and fundamentals. There also are games and competitions.

The practices are focused on the improvement of fundamentals and the campers will work the following skills; Ball handling skills such as dribbling, shooting and passing; footwork fundamentals; lay-ups and moves to the basket.

Drills and games of 1 on 1, 2 on 2, 3 on 3 and 5 on 5.